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Option specializes in Information Communication Technology (ICT) services and equipment designed for offshore operations.

Come by our stand and experience how operating and managing ICT-infrastructure and supported services in an offshore environment can be painless and efficient.

Learn about the features and possibilities remote workstations and centralized infrastructure with DESKVIEWTM can provide data to support the drilling vessels’ daily operations.

With Option’s infrastructure and services, the drilling vessels can operate even if/when communications break down. All locations are self-sufficient, built to operate “in the dark” for long time periods, with systems and equipment designed for offshore environments.

With focus on flexibility, security, integrity and cost, Option can provide you with excellent solutions and service within ICT.

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When you require IMR services for your rig or vessel, the main concerns are on-time delivery and quality in every step. Our multidiscipline competencies, state-of-the art facilities and strategic partnerships enables us to meet these concerns and ensure that your vessel or rig is ready for revenue-making operations as soon as possible.

PSW Technolgoy has all the expertise our customers require in one place. Our facilities at Mongstad is ideally situated to provide IMR services to both the Norwegian and British sectors of the North Sea, and our proximity to Sløvåg and PSW Yard makes us a full-service provider for your rig or vessel maintenance needs.

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CAN-ductor: Low cost and low CO2 emissions for your next exploration and production well

Over the last twenty years, Neodrill has combined innovation with fresh thinking to reimagine structural well foundations. Its Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) technology is used extensively for both exploration and production wells to reduce emissions, costs, and risk. The CAN is a conductor-less alternative to a conventional conductor installed with a vessel, and will also provide a foundation for placing SPS equipment on it like tie in system, manifold, etc.

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We are dedicated teams of experts within professional flow technologies.

We focus on innovative, high-quality systems & products, designed, engineered & manufactured for optimal reliability and efficiency with focus on sustainable offshore environment solutions.

At Borekonferansen we focus on our novel drillcutting- and slop- handling solutions “HFT-DCTC” for the offshore drilling environment, in which we provide closed-loop, fully automatic transfer and containment of cuttings and slop.

HFT-DCTC may be used for internal on-rig logistics, transfer to OSV, return for reinjection, offshore processing or logistics to shore.

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With our unique data management process, we clean, structure and contextualize the generated high-quality data from all available databases into one platform. Based on this historical data and the data generated throughout the well-planning process, we automate and autogenerate the manual tasks. Sending the wellplan as a datastream instead of as a document.
Savings for the engineer: meetings, emails, calls and document generation. Time spent on optimizing the plan and plan for performance.
Providing subsurface: de-risking the million-dollar investment, increasing the likelihood of getting expected profit from a well.
Operator and partners: de-risking management of changes process, ad-hoc decisions during operation and increase the value of the company in parallel to increased quality of their data.

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Ejendals er en svensk merkevare, grunnlagt i 1949 av Valfrid Ejendal i Leksand. Vi har spesialisert oss på å utvikle, produsere og markedsføre verneutstyr av høy kvalitet som beskytter både hender og føtter, og bidrar til å skape en sikrere arbeidshverdag på titusenvis av arbeidsplasser over hele verden.
Basert på vår store sikkerhetsforståelse lager vi produkter som utgjør en forskjell for folk over hele verden. Vi ser en fremtid som bygger på kunnskapsrik innovasjon og respekt. Respekt for våre kunder, samarbeidspartnere, medarbeidere og planeten.

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IKM Production Technology leverer tjenester innen boring, brønn testing, produksjon, og brønn integritet. Vi har fagekspertise som dekker kjemi og prosess, boreoperasjoner, og øvrige brønn relaterte fag.

Våre leveranser er også knyttet til utleie, salg og vedlikehold av trykkontrollutstyr og nedihullsverktøy.

Stand 9

Oliasoft is a global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company enabling digitization and automation through sophisticated cloud engineering software. The current primary focus is well planning and design with the pioneering product, Oliasoft WellDesign®, which fully integrates well design processes resulting in optimal and safer well solutions for both the Energy and Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS) industries.  

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Reservoir Group’s Coring solutions are designed to increase efficiency and maintain recovery.

Reservoir Group’s worldwide team of experts has extensive experience in providing coring solutions onshore and offshore, around the globe, and in every major basin.

Combining our more than 70 years of knowledge, robust QHSE and QMS programs, and advanced technical coring systems, we offer a specialized approach to project planning.

Reservoir Group also provide drilling and well intervention tools, We partner with E&P operators and large services companies to provide services and solutions for drilling, completions, and production operations

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John Gjerde is an innovative provider of equipment made to ensure reliable and safe operation of all kind of floating constructions. Our Mission is to provide solutions that guarding the ship, crew, passengers, cargo and environment.

The head office are located in the heart of the innovative maritime cluster of Norway, close to ship owners, crew, ship designers and shipbuilders. We have built up own test facilities for simulating full-scale operation with performance testing and documentation.

With 45 years of experience in this market, we have developed a complete new range of “Air Vent Check Valves”, with the name HIDE. HIDE has many unique and patented properties and represent the most optimized and reliable valve in the market.

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Semco Maritime is an international engineering and contracting company dedicated to projects in the energy sector. Since the early beginning of the Danish offshore industry, Semco Maritime has been facilitating engineering design, fabrication, installation, service and maintenance of offshore assets, providing comprehensive project management across all phases of energy projects.

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CCB group of companies serves activities in oil and gas as well as the maritime sector and renewable energy.  CCB’s operations are strategically located at several locations along the Norwegian coast.  Companies Coast Center Base, CCB Mongstad and CCB Subsea offers services within logistics and supply, yard services, rig SPS, technical services and maintenance of subsea & drilling equipment, subsea design and engineering, offshore support on well completions and interventions, and offshore rig maintenance in between wells.  We do project management, project execution and operational services with focus on sustainability and adding value to our clients.  

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Roxtec er verdensledende innen gjennomføringer for kabler og rør og tilbyr innovative tetningsløsninger som beskytter liv og eiendeler uavhengig av hvor og hva man drifter. Tetningsteknologien er trygg, enkel, fleksibel, i tillegg til plass- og tidsbesparende. Løsningene er sertifisert av alle større klassifiseringsmyndigheter og beskytter mot flere risikoer som vann, brann, gass, støv og EMP. Vi tilbyr både tilpassede og standardiserte løsninger og service for flere bransjer, inkludert marine og offshore. Vi har også lansert programvarepakken Roxtec Software Suite™ bestående av Roxtec Transit Designer™, Roxtec Transit Build™ og  Roxtec Transit Operate™ – digitale verktøy som sikrer total kontroll over rør- og kabelgjennomføringer, og som forenkler arbeidet med alt fra design, tegninger og sertifikater til installasjon, kvalitetskontroller og dokumentasjon.

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For over two decades, Epsis has been a pioneer in the development of physical and virtual operational center solutions. We work with the complex connection between technology, people, and processes. Our expertise lies in breaking down work barriers and creating integrated teams. This results in efficient task execution, a focus on the right activities, and strong collaboration among all parties involved.


With hands-on experience from over 80 operational centers nationally and internationally, Epsis is a trusted partner in using modern technology for distributed teams. Our software solution, Enify, helps streamline the finding, using, and sharing of information within such distributed teams.

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We are a global business delivering safety and competence services across the world, helping our customers protect their people, assets, and the environment.

With headquarters in Copenhagen and a global footprint, we have a deep history in delivering compliance and competence services going back over 50 years. Since our beginning we have been leading the industry and through the intelligent application of leading-edge technology we have developed into the preferred end-to-end partner for our customers developing and maintaining a safe workplace while protecting the environment.

Transforming industries with digital technology
Our market-leading suite of digital applications offers customers in safety critical industries a modular approach to managing safety across their business processes while minimizing risk. Utilizing our innovative cloud-based technology, our suite of applications is built to allow customers to select from a range of applications to suit their needs, revolutionizing the way companies track workforce safety, compliance, and competence.

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Presight For Safer and More Efficient Operations

Presight is a technology-driven solution for data analysis and insights, with a focus on barrier monitoring and operational reporting in the energy offshore marked. With its advanced platform, you can access real-time data helping you make informed decisions and monitor the status of your safety barriers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your decision-making process, optimize your operations, or get an holistic view of your barrier health, Presight has you covered with its comprehensive barrier monitoring and operational reporting capabilities.

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Innovative, enabling technology is at the very heart of Enhanced Drilling. That’s been the case for more than 35 years.

We provide specialist drilling technology and services to the offshore oil & gas industry. From risk-reduction technologies to environmentally beneficial systems, Enhanced Drilling creates cost-effective, benefit-enhancing solutions for some of the offshore industry’s biggest challenges.

Our track record in the field is enviable, with over 1000 wells surpassed for our RMR®, EC-Drill®, EC-Drill® Dual MPD, EC-Monitor ™ and CTS technologies.

Around the world, Enhanced Drilling’s solutions have enabled some of the most respected operators in the industry to drill with confidence, create new drilling opportunities and to stay on schedule – cost effectively.

It’s not just about today but tomorrow too with constant development of new technology, Enhanced Drilling is leading the way when it comes to next-generation drilling solutions that deliver enhanced safety, reliability, cost effectiveness and environmental benefits. 

With Enhanced Drilling’s global team of experts, you can be sure of the right solution backed up by the right support, no matter how challenging the environment.

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